Winter Freshwater Angling Tips

07/12/2011 08:57

Freshwater fishing in the winter is very different depending on the latitude, but no matter where you are its lots of fun. Here are a few winter angling tips to try no matter where you are, from Florida to Maine, and South Carolina to California.

Fish are cold blooded animals or more correctly ectotherms, animals whose body temperatures depend on their environment. When a fish’s body temperature drops because of cold water it becomes slower. It digests food slower and swims slower. For the angler this means the fish won’t be hungry as often. They will go into a pattern of eating in the morning, breaking a fast, and in the afternoon when it is the warmest.

Because the fish physically move slower they are less likely to chase a shiny lure they see from a distance. They will still strike at a shiny object, but it must be close by. This means an angler must work a grid pattern in the water that is closer together than you would normally do in the warmer times of the year.

The same is true for chasing baits. They won’t be as aggressive or swim as far to get the bait. They are looking for the largest meal using the least amount of energy. For the angler, this means larger baits presented to the fish so they don’t have to swim very far.

If you are bass fishing, use bigger swim baits. If you are trout fishing, use a larger cluster of salmon eggs. It may be a good idea to watch a fishing video of how fish strike at baits in the cold water.

If the water gets too cold or stormy the fish may not feed at all. This is a good time to play some fishing games. Bass fishing games, out of all fishing games are some of the most favorite of the free online fishing games; they are even more popular than shark fishing games.