Where to Locate Crappie in the Fall

01/11/2011 09:22



Crappie is great fun to fish for in the fall. They are full of spunk and fight. Both the white and black crappie loves the cooler water and is very active this time of year.


Crappie have bee introduced into many lakes and ponds where they were not naturally found. The black crappie thrives in cooler, deeper, cleaner water. They also like areas that have a lot of aquatic vegetation.


One of their favorite spots to hang out is around boat docks. Boat docks are usually in deep water and aquatic plants grow well in these areas. Boat docks also provide shade so the water is cooler than the surrounding areas.


Black crappies also like deep ponds, those with banks that drop off sharply are their favorites. Find a big tree hanging over the pond creating shade and this is where the crappie will be. In additional to the shade provided by the trees, crappie also like the insets that are around and in the trees.


Crappies are fun to catch on fly rods. Because they feed early in the morning and again in the evening you can throw insect patterns at them from the bank, a belly boat, or a kayak. Check out some of the kayak fishing videos to see how much fun this can be.


If you do your own fly tying, look under the trees and docks to see what bugs are floating in the water. These are the patterns you should imitate.


Both black and white crappie travel in schools. This means if you can get one, keep on fishing, the chances are good you’ll catch several more.


As midmorning comes along the crappie will settle in and stop feeding. While you are waiting for the evening fishing to begin, it’s a great time to play some online fishing games. There are several fishing games where you can catch crappie.