Where to Catch a World Record Fish

07/11/2011 09:52

One of the dreams of most fishing enthusiasts is to catch a world record fish. But these days there are so few of really big fish left. Most fish get caught or killed before they have a chance to grow to record size. The question becomes, where do you go to catch a world record fish?

The answer is difficult. It if were easy everyone would be catching record sized fish. It also depends on what species you would like to catch. The more popular the fish species, the harder it will be to catch a record.

For the most part if you want to catch a big fish, you need to go to a large body of water. Fish that live in large bodies of water tend to be bigger than those that live in smaller bodies of water.

Big fish are also found where there is an abundance of food that be had with very little energy expended. The lack of predators also contributes to fish growing to a record size. The lack of predators includes man. An area that is not a popular fishing destination is a good place to try for a record.

In the US and Canada, it is very difficult to find a body of water that meets these conditions. Most of the world records set in the US and Canada occurred years ago when the populations were smaller and fewer fishing fanciers existed. That being said there are still some large remote lakes in Canada that aren’t very popular. A good set of fishing maps will help you find these lakes as well as the areas in the lakes where trophies may be found.

But if you can’t find any records in real life, there are a few fishing games among the online fishing games that will give you a virtual thrill of catching a world record fish.