Where to Catch a Swordfish

24/10/2011 09:54


One of the most fun ways to fish is Sword fishing. The reason is they are big and strong. Most Sword fish weigh over 300 pounds and get as big as 1000 pounds. When a 200 pound man takes on a 300 pound Sword it is going to be a good fight. The fish has a pretty good chance of winning. The man must be strapped into his seat so he doesn’t get pulled overboard. A hooked Sword fish leaps out of the water and dives deep to show power.


One of the marvelous places to go to find these amazing fish is Hawaii. Sword fish love the deep water that is around the Hawaiian Island. They also thrive in the warm climate.

There are many boats and guides that can be hired to take you out fishing for Sword fish. They know where to find the Sword but if you get some good fishing maps you'll have a better idea of the good location. Sword fish, like most fish, are creatures of habit. They tend to stay in certain areas that have the right temperature and plenty of food. They move only to follow their food source or adjust to change in temps.


Another great location to fish Sword fish is the island of Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. The Cook Islands are located 2800 miles south of Hawaii and 1800 miles north east of New Zealand. Rarotonga is the largest populated island.


There are many good guides and boats to take you out to the waters east and north of the island. This is an absolutely beautiful area to fish and the fishing here is wonderful. If it should slow down you can still enjoy the scenery and play some online fishing games.


Also makes sure you review all of the local fishing regulations. You don’t want to get into trouble in a foreign country.