Top South American Fishing Spots

14/11/2011 09:30

South America is an amazing continent to visit. It is very diverse, offering mountains, plains, jungles, and beaches. It has high cold mountain ranges, and dense hot humid jungle forests. It also offers very diverse fishing conditions. Here are some of the top spots for South America fishing.

In the Andes Mountains it is Lake Titicaca. It is located in Peru and Bolivia. Historically, Lake Titicaca has provided a source of life for thousands of years. It is the world’s highest navigable lake with an altitude of 12500 feet.

There are many villages along the shore where boats and native guides can be hired. For an interesting fishing experience, as well as cultural experience, hire a local with a reed boat to go out for day fishing. This lake is home to many species of fish.                      

If salt water fishing is what you want then Esmeraldas, Ecuador, is the place to go. It is located on the North West coast and has a wonderful port. There are also a couple of big tourist resorts that make accommodations very enjoyable.

Off of the Ecuador coast is some spectacular fishing for albacore, bluefin, skipjack, and yellowfin tuna. The Galapagos Islands are a short boat ride off of the coast. The waters around these islands are noted as being some of the best tuna fishing in the world.

On the southern end of the continent, Chimbote Chile is another port city. Chimbote has a great port and accommodations to make a wonderful fishing trip. The primary game fish in these waters is the mackerel, but other fish are occasionally available.

If bass fishing is your passion the peacock bass is home in the Amazon River. The peacock bass is one of the hardest fighting fresh water fish in the world. The Amazon River is the best place to demonstrate your greatest bass fishing technique. They play serious fishing games on this river.