Top Places to Fish Before You Die

28/03/2012 03:36

The world is a huge place and a large majority of it is water, which makes the fishing possibilities almost endless. There are so many species to catch and so many styles of fishing that it would be impossible to do it all in one lifetime. However, there’s nothing to stop you from trying. Click here to read more about a couple places you want to get to before you die.

Wollaston Lake sits up in the north east part of Saskatchewan. It is a good sized lake that is only accessible by air and anyplace that is only accessible by air is a great place to fish. Wollaston has a large population of big pike. There is a lot of weedy bottom that pike love because they can ambush their prey. There are so many big fish that the challenge is using a light weight spin casting rig to catch monsters. In the shallow areas it’s possible to use fly fishing gear with streamers to catch them.

 Christmas Island, or Kiritimati, is the largest atoll in the world. The fishing around the coral reefs here is just amazing. The fly fishing for bonefish, tarpon, and permit is about the best in the world. This astounding island country is a paradise that just can’t be missed. To read more about fly fishing click here.

Guntersville Lake located in north eastern Alabama is a paradise for those who love bass fishing and crappy fishing. The lake is so large and has so many little coves that it could take years to fish all of the sweet spots. There are lots of public docks so boat access is easy.  The country here is beautiful and the weather is almost always warm enough to fish. There is a reason that Guntersville is the site for many tournaments. Click here to read more about bass fishing tournaments.