Tips for Fishing in the City

20/10/2011 10:09


Those fishing fanatics who want to fish every free moment of every day sometimes get frustrated.  Life and commitments won’t allow them to leave the city and go out to their favorite lake or river; however, there are plenty of lakes and ponds that are full of fish because people don’t consider fishing in them. Here are some tips for fishing in the city.


First check the local park fishing regulations to see if there are any special rules. Sometimes cities have their own fishing rules that apply in addition to the state regulations. If you can speak to a park ranger or a person in the parks department you can get an idea of what kind of fish have been stocked and how often the lake has been stocked. After you have discovered this information a trip to the local bait and tackle shop can teach you want kind of bait most people use. If you fly fish, they can also tell you what flies are effective. They may even have fishing maps so you can learn the terrain of the lake.


Armed with this information, get your gear and go fishing on your lunch or you can take a walk around the lake and survey the sights. If the fishing is worth it at all someone or several someone's will be fishing. Stop off and ask these folks about the fishing. They can give you more information. Ask them how often they fish, what they catch and what they use for bait. Then, just for fun, ask them for some spring bass fishing tips.


Now you’re ready to fish. But if the fish aren’t biting, there is always some excitement to be found playing online fishing games. Fishing games can give you the thrill you’re looking for when you can’t get to the water.