The Best Bass Lures

28/04/2011 09:30

If you are thinking of taking up bass fishing but have no clue what kind of lures to start with, here is a quick list of the 8 best bass fishing lures to try out for yourself:

·         Plastic Worms: These lures have likely been responsible for catching more bass than any other lure. They can be used on either the floor of the lake or the surface and are extremely versatile. You can buy them in just about any color and any size.

·         Crankbaits: These lures appear to the fish like a crawfish or minnow. Crankbaits also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and can be easily cast in almost any kind or water.

·         Spinnerbaits: Spinnerbaits have been known to catch a significant amount of bass whenever the purpose is to cover a lot of water in a short amount of time. These lures also tend to attract the larger fish of the species as well. Although they can be purchased in a variety of different colors, one of the best bass fishing tips is to always remember to match your lure colors to the hatch of the insects and other prey in the area.

·         Jig and Pigs: These lures are also another option to go with if you happen to be looking to catch large bass. Many bass fishing tournaments have been won with the jig and pig mainly because these lures attract the larger bass. Work this lure on the floor of the lake in order to imitate a crawfish.

·         Bucktail Jig: This kind of jig is a simple bait that is also extremely effective when bass fishing. Other variations of this same set up you might be familiar with come with straight or curly tails. Use these in many different fishing conditions.

·         Topwater Plugs: These are used on the water’s surface and can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. They can be used in multiple ways when catching bass.

·         Tail Spinners: If the bass are holding rather deep, this is the lure you will need in order to catch them and lure them out of their hiding places. Tail Spinners work the best in cold water when bass are lethargic.

·         Jigging Spoons: These are a weedless spoon that often comes with a trailer attached. Use them when fishing in heavily weeded cover and grasses. Many times this lure will work better than anything else as they are quite flashy and easily entice the fish into biting.