Spring Shark Fishing

21/03/2012 09:11

Fishing for large hard fishing fish is the ultimate fishing experience and the ultimate fish to catch is shark. When springtime rolls around and there is nothing more exciting than go to Florida fishing for sharks along the beaches. There are many sharks cruising along the coastal waters, more than most people care to know about. Here are a few suggestions on how to catch several of these big fish.

Sharks have a very advanced sense of smell. They can smell blood in the water for miles, which makes chumming for sharks a very effective method of attracting them. A unique way of chumming is to take a small purse string net and fill it with bloody fish guts and an 8oz. sinker. Tie this onto the bottom of your leader with two fish hooks spaced about 18 inches apart. Purse string nets will double as a sinker and chum drawing the sharks right onto the bait. This is an excellent rig to use but it is advisable to check the local fishing regulations to make sure it’s legal where you are fishing.

Because sharks are so big and strong you must use heavy duty fishing tackle, especially fishing line. It is advisable to use 80 lb. braided line for your main line and 400 lb. test stainless steel leader. If you’re using the purse string net chum you should use at least 20 feet of leader. In between the leader and the main line it’s advisable to use about 30 feet of 100 lb. test monofilament line. Sharks have such sharp teeth they will cut any regular line they bite. Their skin is also very abrasive. If they brush against a braided line it will be shredded. Heavy weight monofilament line has the ability to come in contact with shark skin without being completely destroyed.