SouthEast Asia Fishing

12/09/2011 08:33


Bangkok is one of those cities that mesmerize outsiders with its bizarre routine of traffic chaos, sticky heat, beggars, food kitchens and air-conditioned supermalls. It also has a river that snakes its way to the Gulf of Thailand in the south. Here anglers have chances forexcellent fishing battles againstmarlin, barracuda,kingfish amongst other species.

When you’re within the city you will see many old stretches of canals from the days when Bangkok was similar to Venice.  Many of the canals were filled in to make roads and despite the disgusting color of the water there are fish living in it and locals depend on them for food. Giant freshwater stingrays are other inhabitants of the Chao Phraya River that also make good sport.

Bangkok boastsa small lake situated in the outskirts of the city called Bungsamran. It is surrounded with huts and available for anyone who wants to try some weightlifting and sport fishing against the many species of fish that bide in its muddy depths. A few of those fish are IGFA world records and the catch and release nature of the place makes sure there is always plenty of fun for everyone.

There are at least 50 different species of fish to catch at Bungsamran so if you are passing through BKK on business or pleasure this is a must if you love fishing and have some spare time.

Fishing hooks and other tackle can be hired at Bungsamran and there are a number of professional fishing guides there willing to help youout. Occasionally the fish get themselves tangled on underwater obstacles, but the locals will swim down the line and get them moving again. All fish have to be returned but photography and fishing videos can be taken for you.