Shore Lake Trout Fishing Tips

12/10/2011 09:41


Lake fishing for Trout and river or stream fishing for Trout is very different styles of fishing. The different styles of fishing appeal to different types of people. Here are a few fishing tips to help catch Trout along the shore of a lake.


Trout have fairly small mouths and they generally feed on fairly small things. As a result, it is best to use a fairly small fish hook size. Usually a number 10 hook or smaller will work best, no matter what kind of bait you are using. 


Trout that live in lakes will bite on variety of baits. Salmon eggs and worms are two of the old reliables. Velveeta cheese also works well for fishing, as well as lunch.


Lake dwelling Trout tend to move around the edge of the lake. They may be 10 feet out or 50 feet out. That is one really nice thing about fishing on a lake. A child who can cast 10 feet has just as good a chance of catching a fish as a man casting 100 feet.


Sometimes the Trout are on the bottom of the lake and sometimes close to the top of the water. For the most part, Trout feed close to the top in the morning and evening. The rest of the day they seem to be at the bottom.


In the morning and evening, using a bubble about four feet above the hook works well. In the late morning and afternoon a drop shot rig, sinker on the bottom and hook about two feet up, seems to work well. Some states have fishing regulations that allow two or three hooks on one line. Three hooks work well for Trout.


While setting along the shore waiting for a bite you can play some online fishing games.

There are several free online fishing games for trout that are fun.