Record Holding Fishing Rods

20/10/2010 11:05

When it comes to the very best fishing rods, it is probably a good idea to go with rods that have been utilized by record holding fishermen. Here is a list of such fly rods as well as how many records have been achieved with them.

·       Founded in 1980 by the famous rod designer Don Green, Sage Fly Rods are responsible for 75 world records. Letting the number of records speak for themselves it is easy to see how the sage fly rods are by far the best fly fishing rods used by fly fishermen all over the world.

·       G. Loomis Fly Fishing Rods have 24 world records under their belt thanks to their innovative designer, Steve Rajeffthe who himself currently holds the world record for casting at 243 feet. 

·       Thomas and Thomas Fly Fishing Rods have themselves 18 records. This company got its start by two people named Maxwell and Dorsey in Beltsville, Maryland.

·       Coming in at 14 records is Orvis Fly Fishing Rods. For outdoorsman everywhere, Orvis is a household name all over the country as they carry much more than fishing gear and waders. For example, their ZG Zero Gravity Helios fly rods were voted by Field and Stream magazine as the very best for last two years.

·       Redington Fly Rods come in at 7 for world records. This company is based in Washington on Bainbridge Island and is somewhat of a newcomer to the world of making the list for the top fly rod manufacturers. However, this company happens to really understand the newer generation of fishermen today better than any other company that designs rods as they tailor their fly fishing rods to a very specific market making it possible for quite a few anglers to set some world records in a very short amount of time.

·       Albright Fly Fishing Rods have a few records as well with a total of 4. This company also offers a good deal on fishing equipment ranging from reels and rods to fishing line and tackle that is relevant and affordable to the average consumer.

·       Another company with 4 records is R.L. Winston Rod Company. This company is responsible for many quality fly fishing rods ranging in materials from second generation boron to graphite and bamboo models.

·       Cabelas Fly Rods are responsible for 3 records and consider themselves the World’s Foremost Outfitter when it comes to outdoor sporting goods supplies with a great deal of products specifically for fly fishermen.