Pre-Spawn Bass Fishing Tips

29/08/2010 23:03

Springtime is just around the corner. This has every bass angler scrambling to gather and organize their fishing gear because the bass are beginning to think about spawning. Here are a few handy tips to keep in mind before embarking on your first trip of the season.

Water temperature: Once the water in lakes reach the upper 50s and 60s, bass will most likely be out and about. This is typically when they will begin to head for their spawning locations.

Creek channels: These are almost like roads or freeways for bass. Places on these channels are stopping points for you. Here you will want to fish using crankbait and bouncing it along the floor of the lake. Try craw and green colors.

Presentation: Keep in mind the water is still rather chilly during the pre-spawn season so the bass will most likely still be a bit lethargic. Slowing down your presentation will help no matter which lure you are using.

Location: Drop offs, fish points, prior road beds, ledges and grassy spots in close proximity to deeper water but also close to spawning locations are a perfect place to start.

Weeds: It is no secret that bass are partial to weeds. Choose any area with beds of weeds that are across from a channel that most likely feeds from a particular area and drag out your topwater baits.

Warming up: Once the temperature of the water begins to climb above 60 degrees, bass will begin to look for their final place to spawn. This is when bass are at their hungriest and they will eat just about anything.

Wind: If wind begins to look like a problem then it might be a good idea to switch your bait to a swimbait or move into a cove.

Cold Fronts: A cold front has the possibility of sending the bass back into their deep water hiding places. This will also mean that they will feed less again as well.

Shallow Coves: If you can find a shallower cove, remember that here, the water warms up much faster. Bass will be looking for warmer water to search for crawfish and schools of shad. Try using a smaller jig complete with a craw trailer.

Once the weather has been warm consistently for a good few days it is time to begin looking for your bass fishing in their spawning areas and stump fields. Try bouncing a crankbait off of some stumps or using a topwater lure rather slowly and the fish will most likely notice you. Enjoy the fishing!