Need to Relax? Go fishing!

23/04/2012 08:37

There are so many great places to go fish and relax; in fact, the world is full of them. Some fishing spots are set for competition, the bigger or the heaviest fish or the most fish; however, other places are laid back and soothing. Here are a few of the more relaxing places in the world to wet a line.

Going out from the Puerto Viarta puts you in some great fishing. If you just go out a couple of miles there are plenty of fish, but nothing is very large. This is the perfect place to cast out a line and slowly troll along playing online fishing games in the sun. If you want to rea1d more about playing online fishing games click here.

In the Colorado Mountains west of Denver there is upper Bear Creek. This little creek runs through the bottom of a beautiful valley lined with pines and aspens. The creek is full of small brook trout who love to eat aquatic bugs. This is fly fishing heaven with a 2 weight rod.

In the summer the water is warm and shallow so you can wade through it in shorts and sandals. It is so peaceful and pretty. If you’d like to read more about fly fishing on light weight tackle click here.

Lake Guntersville is a great place to relax and go fishing. The lake is so huge you can sail along in a big pontoon boat and fish all day moving along the deep water. With a fish finder you can locate the catfish and crappie. After catching a mess you can barbeque them on the boats grill while drinking a cool beverage of your choice. You can also go into the weedy fingers and catch some big bass. Click here if you’d like to read more about great bass fishing.