Crappie Spring Fishing

22/03/2011 10:05

Spring has officially arrived and with that, many crappie fishing anglers will be itching to get out onto the water. If you plan to be one of those fishermen but feel like you need to brush up on some basic crappie fishing tips, below are some basic things to keep in mind when getting started:

·         Plan out where it is that you intend to do your fishing. Are you going to be fishing from the shore of the lake? A boat? If you are new to fishing, it is most likely that you will be starting from either a pier or the shore as crappies are easily located in these places.

·         Use a lightweight cane pole or rod. If you are starting out using a heavy or medium action rod, you will be less likely to be able to feel the extreme soft bite of the crappie.

·         Only work with lightweight fishing line when fishing for crappie. Try a monofilament line between 4 and 8 pounds.

·         Only use the hook size #2. Crappie have extremely thin skin around their mouths, using a #2 hook will be your best chance at not tearing through their lip while setting your hook.

·         Do not use a lot of added weight. Crappie will often push your fishing line to the side. If you have a line that is heavily weighted, this could throw off the bite.

·         Be sure to fish near any cover. Crappie tend to linger around covered areas such as bridges, piers, low hanging trees, channels or drops beneath the water.

·         If you are fishing from the banks, tie one of your hooks about three feet beneath your cork. Use a live minnow as fishing bait.

·         If you always use live bait when crappie fishing, minnows are by far the best option. Minnows can easily be purchased at any bait and tackle store if you do not choose to catch them yourself. Purchasing them at a bait shop has its perks because this is where you can find out if the fish have recently been responding to anything else. The clerks at the store will be the first to know what the fish are reacting to this season.

Fishing for crappie never needs to be extremely expensive or inconvenient. As long as you plan your first trip accordingly, you are sure to reel in plenty of fish. Brush up on these basics and get out onto the water.