International Fishing Spots Caribbean

19/10/2011 10:11


One of the most fantastic international fishing areas is the Caribbean Sea. This area has many different types of fishing and all of them are excellent.


The Caribbean Sea is surrounded by land on the south and west and circled by islands on the north and east. For the most part, Caribbean is more than 6000 feet deep. Large portions of the sea are 12,000 feet deep. The deepest area is the Cayman trench is over 25,000 feet deep.


These nice deep waters are home to Marlin, Sailfish, and Spearfish, Swordfish, Wahoo, and many others. This area maintains a fairly consistent temperature year round so the fishing conditions remain constant year round.


All around the edges of the sea especially around the islands are coral reefs. These coral reefs are home to hundreds of different fish species of which several are good game fish. These areas provide some excellent rod and reel fishing as well as spear fishing.


Along the islands are also flats with mangroves and fish. These flats provide some amazing bone fishing areas. Bone fishing on a fly line is a fantastic experience. Sight fishing, while walking through the flats that are out in the sea far from land, is thrilling. Competing with black tipped sharks is even more of a thrill. If you have done your own fly tying it makes for a perfect experience.


There are many fishing contests all throughout the island. If you’ve never competed in a contest you owe it to your self to try. If you’re just not sure, try watching a Caribbean fishing video. That will convince you.


On a hot afternoon if the fishing gets slow, you can always play some online fishing games as you bob along on the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean.