International Fishing Spots-Amazon

05/10/2011 09:25

The world is huge and water covers almost 3/4 of it. One of the largest fresh water fishing rivers is the Amazon River. The amazon is the second largest river in the world with only the Nile being longer. But, unlike the Nile, the Amazon is navigable with ocean going vessels for 3000 miles. This makes it possible to have an amazing fishing adventure.

The mouth of the amazon is huge. It forms an estuary that is 150 miles wide. This estuary dumps between 9 million and 32 million gallons of water per second until the Atlantic. It also dumps tons of silt which forms islands. One island, Marajo Island, has an area of 14000 square miles.

The fishing is excellent all up and down the amazon. There are well over a 1000 different species found in the river. Some of the fish are crazy man eaters like the red bellied piranha.

Some of the fish are huge. The largest known fresh water fish is the Pirarucu. It can grow to 15 feet and weight over 400 pounds. The Pirarucu is a type of boney tongue fish. It is huge, long, heavily bodied with giant scales. It has long dorsal fin and anal fins on the back half of its body. This makes it a powerful swimmer that can chase and eat other fish. It also makes a spectacular fish to catch. On top of that, it tastes wonderful.

A unique type of piranha is the Tambaqui. The Tambaqui only eat plants, leaves, fruits and seeds. It is a good fighting fish that is about three feet long and weighs 60 pounds.

To get a good idea of the amazing Amazon fishing, watch a fishing video. A video will show you the various fish and fishing styles.  If you enjoy fly fishing and fly tying, fishing for the peacock bass is incredible.

There are also several online fishing games that highlight fishing on the amazon.