International Fishing Spot: Amazon

02/11/2011 10:43

The Amazon River is the second longest river in the world; only the NileRiveris longer.
The amazing thing is the Amazon is navigable with large ocean going vessels for 1000
miles and smaller ocean going vessels for an additional 1300 miles. Large river steamers
are able to navigate more than 100 of the larger tributaries. All this makes for amazing
fishing adventures.

The mouth of the Amazon is gigantic. The mouth of the main stream is 50 miles but
over the course of time massive deposits of soil have created an estuary, complete with
islands, that spans over 150 miles wide. The estuary dumps n average of 3 million tons of
sediment daily. It also dumps between 9 and 32 million gallons of water per second into
the Atlantic. This amount is so great it affects the salinity of the Atlantic for 200 miles
out from the mouth.
The Amazon is home to over 1000 species of fish. Some of the fish are extremely unique.
The electric eel of the Amazon emits a constant flow of electricity. It is also capable of
discharging high voltage shocks that will stun large animals.

There is also the man eating Red Bellied Piranha, check out the fishing video showing
these fish in action.

The largest fresh water fish in the world is at home in the Amazon. The Pirarucu can
grow to 15 feet long and weigh over 400 pounds. This huge fish has giant scales, long
dorsal fins and anal fins. It is a powerful swimmer that can chase down and eat other fish.
Fishing for this fish is incredible.

It is best to check the local fishing regulations before fishing. Some areas protect the
Pirarucu. There are also several online fishing games that highlight fishing on the