How to Save the Worlds Oceans

26/08/2011 09:12


It’s a touchy subject, but how can people make a difference that can help save our oceans from the pressures they are under from overfishing, pollution and other demises?
In Australia there are fishing regulations that cover the coast of the continent. These ask anglers to abide by quotas of how many bait fish they can take to the lengths of fish they can take home and also to release threatened species such as blue fin tuna and marlin. 
If you think about the amount of people who fish by the coasts of our planets oceans and hypothetically assume that each person catches at least 20 Lbs of fish each, then you start to realize that there are millions of tons that are never accounted for on the global statistics. Of course trying to police people in poverty stricken countries about sustainable fishing and pollution is futile without proper education and funding. However, most of you reading at least have a computer and a brain and can make a massive difference to saving the worlds oceans.
The way in which our children are educated about handling fish usually comes from family members. If we can teach our children that cold-blooded fish are better handled with a wet cloth or hand or even shaken from the hook whilst in the water, then a lot of the smaller fish are going to live to fight another day.
Taking a fishing video home instead of fishes and picking up litter, old lines and fishing hooks can also make a big difference and avoid possible deaths of other wildlife that our oceans depend on.
Signing online petitions and adding your support in any way to the current effort towards global fishing sustainability will also help you contribute positively.