How to fend off a Wild Animal

16/02/2011 10:49

While watching wild animals in their natural habitat can be an extraordinary experience and a great photo opportunity for you while you are out bass fishing, they are still wild animals. If you happen to be taking a nature walk or a hike throughout the forest, the desert or the mountains, it is important to keep in mind that you are the one intruding on their territory and with this fact comes some risks. While most of us recognize how dangerous it is to surprise a mother bear with her cubs, it is also just as dangerous to stumble upon a mountain lion or other large animal with their young as well. Here are some simple precautions you can take if you find yourself in any of these situations while fishing in the wild:

If you spot a Black Bear: If you are minding your own business on a trail and suddenly notice a black bear at an uncomfortably close distance, never attempt to approach the animal. If you are traveling within a group of other people, it is important that you all stick close together keeping children even closer. If the bear happens to approach you at this time, stand as tall as you can in order to look as big as possible. Next, be as loud as possible by shouting, clapping and banging on anything nearby that could create a loud and alarming noise such as pots or pans. If the bear happens to make off with anything from your camp, never try and retrieve it.

If you spot a Mountain Lion: It is not likely that mountain lions will ever provoke any kind of confrontation, yet if they are hungry enough, with their young, or if they consider you a threat to their territory, it is a possibility. If you happen to notice a mountain lion nearby it is important that you give the animal enough room in order to walk away from you and your group. Never run from a mountain lion as this can trigger their instinct to attack. Stay as calm as possible and slowly back away while facing the animal. Use your jacket to make you appear larger by opening it and holding out the sides. If there are smaller children with you, pick them up and hold them. If the lion starts to approach you, act similar to how you would with a bear while also throwing objects such as any large fishing gear or anything within reach. You want to prove to the animal that you are not prey and that you will fight.