How to Catch Sole

05/12/2011 09:38

Sole are a flat fish like a flounder or halibut. The adults have both eyes on the top side. The sole is much smaller than the halibut with the females reaching only two feet in length and the males 1 ½ feet. Even though they are not very big, fishing for sole is a lot of fun. They live in the sandy or muddy ocean floor. It is common to find them at 300 to 500 feet. They are just off of the shelf from California to Alaska.

In these areas before beginning a fishing trip it is best to check fishing regulations. They have been over fished by the commercial fisherman and so the regulations are changed regularly. You will also need to consult some good fishing maps to determine the exact location of the shelf as it angles off the coast.

Sole are nocturnal feeders so they will leave the deep waters at night and move to warmer coastal waters during the summer. They will lie on the bottom of the sea and cover themselves with sand and mud. Then they will wait for food to swim across them. When this happens they quickly get up and catch the food.

Sole love to eat shrimp and other crustaceans. But will eat other fish including juvenile sole. Fishing with live bait caught in the area is very productive. Plastic baits and crank baits are also productive.

Because they hide at the bottom, it’s important that the bait also be on the bottom. One good way to do this is to use a four or five oz weight on the bottom of your line with two or three baits spaced about six inches apart. Then about 12 inches above the top bait put a two or three oz weight. This will keep the baits on the bottom while you’re slowly reeling or slowly troll along.

While you quietly troll along in the dark you can play fishing games on your smart phone.