How to Catch a Salmon

30/03/2012 09:05

The salmon will soon begin their annual trip from the sea and up the river where they were born. As the salmon swim towards the rivers there is a great opportunity to catch them. When they begin their journey up the rivers there is more opportunity for great fishing. Here are some suggestions on how to catch salmon in the sea, and well as in the rivers.

While the salmon have been in the sea, herring have been a major part of their diet. This makes herring the perfect bait to use as the salmon travel towards the estuaries. Trolling is a very effective strategy. Using either whole fish or cut bait will work. If you decide to use whole herring it is important to use the correct size fishing hooks for the right sized bait. If the hook is too large it won’t be hidden and if it’s too small it won’t hook the salmon. To read more about choosing fish hooks click here.

When baiting the hook put the hook through the baits mouth and feed it out though the gills, then hook the bait through the belly. This will make the bait look like it is swimming as its being trolled. When trolling the herring you should troll at the same speed that herring swim through the water. Salmon know how fast a herring swim. If you troll too fast the fish will know something is wrong. Herring will usually swim about 1.8 to 2.1 mph. if you’re interested in learning more about fishing click here.

Once the salmon reach the river they can be caught using fly fishing tackle. Salmon seem to be interested in color and flash when they reach the rivers. A large purple flashy fly tends to work well in most of the rivers. To read more about fly fishing click here