How to Catch a Monster Bass

27/03/2012 08:39

Bass fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing. Every weekend there are thousands of people all across the country that go out and try their skill against the will of the bass. But as baits and techniques improve bass fishing has become more a sport that isn’t about just catching fish, but catching big fish. Here are some suggestions on how to catch a monster bass.

The hardest part of catching a monster bass is finding it. There are many strategies for looking for big fish, but one of the most successful is to use fishing maps to help find the right environment where the big fish might live. Fishing maps will show the bottom structure where the big fish can hide as well as areas where good populations of bait fish may live. To find out more about using fishing maps click here.

Another part of catching monster bass is to make sure you have the right equipment. Good quality fishing rods and fishing reels are necessary to land a huge bass. Bass are hard fighting fish that will run and dive and shake their heads. This can be very hard on fishing reels. The tackle must be made of good materials and good components to withstand the pressure. For further information on fishing rods click here

A good location to find big bass is where there is plenty of food. Bass, especially big bass, like to eat a big fish that is large as possible. They exert the same amount of energy to catch a small fish as they do to catch a large fish. By catching large fish they replace the expended energy and add extra calories so they can grow even larger. To learn more about all of the different places and techniques to catch large bass click here