Following The Baitfish Migration

16/03/2011 13:32

Along with the approaching season of spring comes the migration of thousands of baitfish. To an angler, this can only mean one thing; where baitfish can be found, larger, predatory fish will be close behind them. For the fisherman, this is not an opportunity to waste.


Each and every spring, baitfish will begin to travel north along the east coast. As they make their way, anglers along the surf take full advantage as they cast out their lures and reel in a variety of larger fish that are looking to feed on the traveling baitfish.


Large bluefish schools with fish weighing over ten pounds will often attack and circle other large schools of fish such as mullet that are on their way up north as well. As an angler, witnessing this take place from the beach is a sight you are not likely to forget. The mullet become frantic as they scatter and bluefish will leap from the water carrying large mullet in their mouths.


Nearly any lure at this time will be effective for catching these ravenous bluefish. When this species enters into such a frantic feeding frenzy such as this, they will literally take anything near them into their mouths, thinking that they are prey. An angler that is after bluefish can cast lures spoons as much as he wants and surely expect an interesting day.


Surf anglers that are more into bottom fishing will tend to fish beneath the school of bluefish in order to search for flounder and redfish. Large reds that have just completed spawning offshore will be found here.


Regardless of whether you are fishing from the shore or a boat, anglers have a chance to easily catch some of the largest saltwater fish at this time. Many fishermen have reported having caught fish weighing over fifty pounds off of the coast in Florida during the spring. Whether your aim is to catch some large redfish, cobia, bluefish, flounder or sometimes even sharks, this is the season that every angler looks forward to as every fish imaginable comes out to get their share of the migrating baitfish.


Keep this in mind the next time fall is coming to a close and you are thinking of all the fishing that you plan to do during the spring. You may just need to pack up your fishing gear and head to the coast to see for yourself the amazing fishing opportunities at this time of year.