Fly fishing in Florida

09/04/2012 08:56

In Florida there are many different species to catch and almost as many ways to catch them. Florida has so many great places to catch fish that it is a delightful place to go. Click here if you’re interested in learning more about fishing in Florida.

Fly fishing in Florida is very popular. Florida is one of the few states where you can go both fresh water fly fishing and salt water fly fishing. Fly fishing in either salt or fresh is very exciting because of the size and fighting ability of the fish. To read more about fly fishing click here.

In the flats off of the coast, the bone fish are plentiful. Fly fishing for bone fish in these flats is fun. There is nothing more thrilling than walking along looking for bonefish while keeping an eye out for black tipped sharks.

In the brackish water of the estuaries and some rivers, tarpon hunt for their prey. They are also great fun to fish for with a fly rod. Tarpon can grow large and they fight hard and run. Using a 10 weight rod makes it quite a challenge.

There are also lots of fresh water lakes to go fly fishing. Most of the lake and rivers that have great bass will also have great speckled perch, otherwise known as white crappie. Crappie love to eat bugs which makes then great fun to catch with a fly rod. They will also eat minnows, which can be imitated with a fly. If you’d like to read more about crappie fishing click here.

Blue gill are another species that are fun to catch on the light weight fly rod, using a two weight rod, blue gill are challenging and fun to catch.