Fly Fishing Basics

25/06/2011 20:50

With summer arriving earlier this week, the fishing industry has seen a rise in new Icast anglers. Each year thousands of people take up the hobby of fly fishing, yet many find little success early on. Today we will be looking at how to use a fly fishing line, which is an essential part of the fishing gear needed for success.

Firstly, it should be understood that fishing and fly fishing are two totally separate things. For all intents and purposes, today’s article focuses strictly on fly fishing. Fly fishing anglers use a bait attraction method, in which they use live and artificial baits to lure their target. In order to fit the bait onto the lure, anglers must use a light line, as the lighter it weighs, the easier it is to hook to the bait.

Secondly, the main fish being sought after when fly angling, are called the steelhead, bass, trout and salmon. All of these species are located in both freshwater rivers and saltwater creeks. Steelhead and bass in particular are best caught by using live bait.

The three main things you should be looking for when fly fishing are Line Weight, Line Taper and Line Density. Here is a look at two of the main things, the Line Weight and Line Taper.

Line Weight – When you travel to your local fishing shop, the first thing one of the employees will tell you is that the fishing line weight is ranked from one to 15. Level one is considered to be the lightest weight, while level 15 as you can imagine, is the heaviest weight. Ideally, you want to pick a weight that is both most comfortable, but also not too light and too heavy. Helping matters is that the weight has to match up with the rod and reel. Meaning to say, if you find comfort using a level six rod and reel, the weight should be level six as well.

Line Taper – There are five different kinds of taper, including, level, shooting, saltwater, double bass, and bass bug taper. Each brand of taper is used for a different style of fishing. Meaning to say, if you are choosing a level six rod and reel with a six weight in order to saltwater fish, you will use saltwater taper on the line.