Five Reasons to Teach a Kid to Fish

19/03/2012 09:16

Those who enjoy fishing want to make sure that they ability to catch and eat fish continues on forever. The only way to ensure this will happen is to teach children to fish. But there are many other reasons to teach kids to fish. Here are five of the reasons.

First reason is to pass on the desire to maintain the streams, rivers, and lakes. Clean water is not only good for fish, but important for mankind. If kids enjoy fishing when their young, when they reach adulthood they will help manage public lands and the water on them so fishing will continue.

Other aspects of conservation is managing and preserving fish populations. It is mainly the fish enthusiast that helps create laws and policies to keep the fish populations at a level where crappie fishing and bass fishing are possible.

A second reason to teach kids to fish is so they will have a good positive activity. Today too many young people don’t have anything to do but hang out and watch TV. Fishing, especially fly fishing, is a good wholesome activity.

Instead of playing bloody, killing games, if they enjoy fishing they can play online fishing games. If they want real excitement they can play shark fishing games.

Third, if kids learn to fish they can express their creativity by learning fly tying, rod building, and lure making. These are creative activities they can do at home with little or no supervision.

Fourth, fishing is a good stress reliever. Kids need to have an outlet where they can sit and think. Fishing also involves exercise. Walking to a lake or walking along a gentle stream is good exercise which also helps reduce stress.

The fifth reason to teach a kid fishing is so you can have a fish g partner now. Having a young person to talk to and walk with opens your eyes and lets you see things from a different point of view.  But more importantly you will have someone to take you fishing when you’re too old to go alone.