Five Reasons to Start Fishing

23/01/2012 23:48

If you are currently not an angler, but enjoy playing fishing games and have considered taking up fishing, here are five great reasons for you to start now.

First, like everything else the longer you wait to get started, the more it will cost. As fishing rods and fishing reels are technologically improved, the price of these necessary pieces of tackle increases. It seems every month or two something new is developed that increases the price of fishing tackle.

Second, if you watch fishing on TV and think it would be fun to fish in the bass master classic, you must start fishing now. The only way to get good enough to fish in the classic is to practice. You can’t even begin practicing until you start to fish so it is imperative that you start fishing immediately.

Third, if your spouse believes that weekends are made to work on a 'honey do’ list than fishing may be the answer. If you live in southern Arizona or Florida, golf could also be that answer, but for those that live in the far north in America, you can’t golf in the cold or snow. This makes fishing the best reason to forget the honey do list. However, unless you start fishing now, you'll be known as the person who even procrastinates even finding an excuse.

Forth, fishing is good for your health. There are many people who use their free time going to dark smoky bars and drinking. This is a horrible hobby for your health. If you’re one of these people, you need to begin fishing right away. Fishing is a great outdoor activity so you can get plenty of sun and fresh air while you drink.

Fifth, if you have ever dreamed of buying a sweet bass fishing boat, you’ll never be able to justify it if you don't start fishing now.