Five Best Trout Fishing In the US

27/02/2012 09:02

The US possesses some of the best trout fishing the world. The awesome trout fishing is not restricted to just one or two states but is spread out among many states and many different environments. Here are five best states to go fishing for trout.

When most people think of New York they imagine the architecture and commerce of New York City, but there is another side of New York. In the upper northeast part of the state are the Adirondack Mountains. These beautiful mountains have hundreds of large and small lakes that are home to superb trout fishing. There are also many rivers and streams that flow thorough the mountains.

The colorful state of Colorado has marvelous trout fishing. Colorado has several species of trout that are abundant in its lakes, streams and rivers. Fly fishing for trout is very popular in the rivers and small streams as well as lakes. Almost any place you go in western Colorado will put you in some type of water with great brook, rainbow, or brown trout.

yoming has been blessed with some unique geography that makes it a great place for trout fishing. The North Platte River, the Wind River, and all the lakes and reservoirs along them are amazing for trout fishing. In the northern part of the state is Grand Teton National Park. The park is home to some amazing lakes, rivers, and streams. There are many species and sub-species of trout that are fun to catch.

Idaho has great deal of wonderful trout fishing in its many lakes, rivers, and streams. The Snake River, Salmon River and Clark Fork are just a few of the many famous trout rivers that flow through Idaho. Up in the Bitterroot Mountains and the Sawtooth Mountains there are many gorgeous small lakes teeming with trout.

Montana, specifically western Montana, has many excellent and famous places to wet your fishing rod. There are many species and some beautiful country.