Fishing in Muddy Water

20/09/2010 08:29

Many anglers find themselves confused as to how to strategically fish in muddy water. While you must always be aware of the species that you are attempting to catch, you must also be aware that muddy water alone is far different than cold muddy water. Watching fishing videos can help you improve your technique.

Many lakes have a stained color to their water at all times so in cases like these muddier conditions are not the issue when it comes to bass. This means that some muddier conditions can actually serve to your advantage.

If you are able to count the lower prop blades on your unit then you are in relatively clear water. However if you cannot count the blades, this is when you might consider the water legitimately muddy.

Muddy water can be categorized in three different types: Layered mud, mudlines and cold muddy water which is not only common in both the fall and spring, but also considered the worst form of muddy water.

Mudlines are formed when the wind beats the water against bank. This makes the top layer of water muddier than the layer beneath it. Cold muddy water is different because this is where the water is less than 55 degrees and the wind is able to muddy it up.

When you are fishing in muddy water, it is important to remember to fish as tight as possible to cover. This is where you will get the bites. In clear water, it is better that you roam around regardless of the temperature. Bass that are living in muddy water like to linger around objects such as logs, docks and rocks. Since these fish aren’t considered aggressive, it may take you a few casts to feel a bite when bass fishing.

The lures that will be the best to use in these kinds of waters will be wobbling crankbaits. If you prefer to use spinnerbaits, try and stick with the Colorado/willowleaf combo. Your lure should be worked slowly and kept within the strike zone a bit longer than usual. Be careful not to move your lure too fast.

When it comes to color, the best options to choose from for muddier or stained waters are brown, orange, blue, red shad and black. Although it is no easy task to fish in muddy water, working your lures rather slowly can wake up the bass’s main senses of scent, sound and sight, improving your catch ratio.