Fishing Gear

04/06/2011 08:40

When out for a day of fishing it is important for anglers to know the type of species they’re looking to target and what body of water they are fishing; saltwater or freshwater. Its vital to have the right fishing gear depending on the technique you are using, size of the species and the location of where you’re fishing.


Freshwater fishing gear is usually less expensive than saltwater and made using lighter materials. There are different types of gear used for freshwater fishing depending on the species the anglers are out to target. Many steelhead anglers use a long float rod and a light spinning reel or centerpin reel. The long rod helps reel in the strong fighting fish while using a light line. Or if you are fishing in murky waters for walleye you would use a shorter rod 6’-7’ and a 6-10 pound line test with a strong leader so these toothy critters won’t bite off your lure. Finally when fishing for crappie it is important to use a lighter rod and line because these species have very thin mouths and pulling too hard on your rod will cause ripping through the fish’s mouth.


Saltwater fishing can be more expensive then freshwater fishing because the gear must withstand rust and depending on the species they can be much heavier and larger. Tuna is one of the largest species caught by anglers and can weigh as much as 700-800 pounds. To catch one of these monster fish you need some very strong gear. Salmon do not weigh as much as tuna but it is still important for anglers to have the right gear. The rod does not need to be as heavy, although you want to make sure it can withstand larger sized salmon like 40lbs before purchasing your gear.


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One of the best methods for picking gear is to talk to other anglers who will help you get the best bang for your buck and have the most success on the water.