Fishing for Sturgeon

08/11/2010 11:02
Sturgeons are extremely powerful and resilient animals that can usually be caught more than once and survive. Thankfully, with circle hooks they are usually virtually unharmed. How the angler handles the fish is what will ultimately be the determining factor in the fate of the fish.

Once caught, these fish are pulled out of the water with the use of a net. If the net happens to be too small for the fish then one person will need to lift the belly of the fish while another picks up the tail. When you intend on catching and releasing the sturgeon, be sure that once you have caught your fish that you are able to take a few pictures and measurements before returning it back to the water. When reviving a sturgeon, it is typically easier if you do so with the fish in the net instead of holding them. The bigger your fish is, the longer it may take in order for it to fully revive.

When it comes to bait, all you need to catch a sturgeon is a few nightcrawlers on a hook, particularly during the spring. Some anglers prefer either live or dead fatheads paired with the nightcrawlers as well. Since it is usually rather difficult to come across nightcrawlers during the month of April, be sure to order them from your bait shop in time.

As for what kind of fishing rod you will need to have, you will want to use a bass rod that is heavy. Never try to bring less powerful rods walleye or bass rods as a sturdy sturgeon can easily break the pole. This won’t help the fish or you out very much. There are a number of fishing rods available to choose from. Remember that the one you choose will be the rod that is solely responsible for getting your fish all the way up to your boat so choose your rod wisely. Make sure it is a quality piece that is unlikely to break under significant pressure.

A quality fishing reel is also extremely important. A good and reliable model to start with would be the line fo Garcia 6500s. Any reel found in this class will be appropriate when sturgeon fishing. Be sure that whatever reel you end up with has a drag system that works extremely well as these fish have an extraordinary ability to destroy and kind of weak fishing gear you may have.