Fishing for Salmon in British Columbia

18/06/2011 20:29

Salmon is one of the most popular fish eaten by people across North America. These species live in both freshwater and salt water. The average size of a salmon is 3 feet and weighs about 8 pounds. Salmon feed on insects as they migrate downriver and on insects and marine invertebrates in estuaries and near-shore marine habitats. As they eat fish mollusks, squid, and tunicates.


There are many water ways in North America that are home to this species. However many anglers agree that fishing for salmon in British Columbia is an amazing adventure and there are tons of this species for anglers to catch. The waterways are home to many fish but salmon fishing is something anglers living in this province take great pleasure in catching. Some of the species that can be caught here include chum, pink, chinook salmon and many others.


Anglers from all over North American travel to British Columbia to catch a variety of different species of salmon because of the large quantity found in the waterways. This species is also shipped out to other parts of Canada and America because of its great fresh taste. With all these different types of salmon species for anglers to target this means loading up the tackle box with the right fishing gear and heading out for a great day on the water!


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