Deep See Fishing Equipment

27/10/2011 14:37


It seems that every method of fishing has its own specialized equipment; but then isn’t that what makes it more fun? Deep sea fishing, like all fishing games requires its own equipment because of the nature of the fish and the environment where they live. Here are some of the important components.


The deep sea fishing rod is a heavy duty rod. They are usually short, only about 5.5 to 6.5 feet long. It takes a lot to bend one of these rods, but there are many fish in the sea capable of bending and even breaking these rods. A wild 1200 pound Blue marlin has the ability to damage almost anything.


The deep sea fishing reel must also have some unique characteristics. It must hold a few hundred yards of heavy weight line. In the ocean a fish may run for miles. The boat should be able to keep up with the fish, but sometimes fish move faster and change directions quicker than a boat. The reel must be able to apply many pounds of drag in order to tire out these strong fish. Using mechanical advantage is the only way to land a fish that is five times bigger than you are.


Deep sea fishing requires the use of a large fish hook size. Big fish, with big mouths, need big strong hooks. Live baits are also large to attract the fish’s attention.


The best fish lures are those that are good sized and brightly colored. They also must have a good action in the water to encourage the fish to chase it. A large assortment of size, shapes, and colors will help when the fish decide to be fickle.


There are some days when the fish are so fickle that nothing will make them strike. These are the days to enjoy the boat ride and play online fishing games.