Creating Cane Fishing Poles

07/03/2011 09:05

Chances are, if you like to go bass fishing; you most likely like to catch sunfish as well as many of us learned how to enjoy fishing for both from our fathers and grandfathers. Because of this, many anglers take an interest into fashioning their very own, nostalgic cane fishing pole as to symbolize the simplicity of the time that they began to develop their sport and interest.


Making your own cane fishing pole is actual more simple than it may seem. All you need to do is first acquire a standard rod tip from any bait and tackle store. Note the diameter of the tip of this rod as this is an extremely important detail that you will need.


Find your very own piece of cane in the great outdoors and remove all the leaves. Decide on the desired length of your fishing pole at this time as well. Now, you will want to cut through your piece of cane so that it is the same diameter that will allow you to just barely slip the rod tip onto it. Once you are satisfied that the tip is the right size, you will then want to glue it into place.

Once the glue has dried, you will now need to cut your future fishing pole down to how long you want it to end up being. It is probably a good idea to remember where you will be storing your completed piece of
fishing gear as if you intend on putting it in a tiny closet, you may want to reconsider making a nine foot pole.

While you are at the bait and tackle shop, you will need to purchase a kit for cane pole line. This kit is actually a section of cardboard that has fishing line spooled around it, a bobber and a small fishing hook. You will then take that line and thread it first through eye of your rod. Bring it up the pole around two thirds of the way and then tie it directly to your cane tightly.


Now, measure that line beginning at the rod’s end at the eye and make it the same exact length as the pole. This way you will be able to raise it and cast out your fishing line without it ever getting in your way. You must then add on your bobber around 17 inches or so up from your fishing hook. Now all you have to do is tie your hook on and go about locating some bait!