Crappie Fishing Jigs

17/01/2011 10:07


Standard crappie fishing will typically mean that you will need to have either jigs or minnows with you before setting out on your fishing trip. While worms and other crappie lures will result in some bites, most crappie fish are caught with the use of a simple crappie jig or minnow. Here are a few of the best pieces of crappie fishing gear must not leave home without.

Road Runner

This jig is great whenever you find yourself in the midst of a school of crappie traveling through deeper water. Be on the lookout though because many species take a liking to this jig. You may not necessarily reel in just crappie!

The Beetle Spin

This lure is ideal when fishing in small ponds or remote streams. It is also rather effective in catching other fish such as bluegill and bass. Whenever you use either the Road Runner or the Beetle Spin for crappie fishing, be sure that your retrieve is slow enough to cause the blades on the lure to spin adequately. Since crappie are not usually very aggressive when it comes to feeding unless it is the spawning season, they won’t chase prey very far.

Slider Weedless Jig

These jigs are perfect for when you find yourself fishing amidst areas that are heavy with vegetation such as grass or lily pads. Keep in mind however, that even though these jigs claim to be snag free, it is inevitable that you will get your lure caught from time to time.

Maribou Jigs

These jigs are the old standby when it comes to reliable crappie fishing tackle. These jigs truly do not get as much credit as other more elaborate lures that are out on the markets today. The Maribou jigs are somewhat plain in comparison and much more kind to the wallet of the angler. Still, many fishermen opt for the showy, flashy lures in the face of the tried and true. Use these jigs whenever you are working around natural and manmade structures.

Tube Jigs

Tube jigs are a favorite of many fishermen as well. Use these lures amongst weeds and trees as you lightly dip them into tiny hiding places and openings in the dense cover of your lake or stream. If this is not the kind of situation that you are planning on, you can also use these jigs by drifting them beneath a slip cork.

On days when you are unable to make it out to the water, try out some great online fishing games to keep yourself entertained and your skills sharp.