Crappie Fishing Gear Essentials

02/08/2011 08:34

Crappies probably have more names than they have scales and one of the most common is appropriately‘Papermouths,’ after how easily they tear free when attempting to set our fishing hooks. For this reason alone we cannot fish them on heavy tackle. The tackle you decide will depend on where you intend fishing for them.


Scattered deep cover requires an ultralightspincast combo or similar spinning set up to help you cast precisely. Four to ten pound line works fine and the more invisible the line, the better. It’s down to you if you want to use a pole, but they allow you to hang the baits and jigs over the tangles ofCrappie haunts without too much hassle. Poles also have a tendency to break easy and carrying tools, glue and eyes for any rod is always wise.


Floats suspend your baits and jigs at the right depths and give those visual clues that these crafty fish have sucked our baits off, or not. Keep as many float variations for your baits and jigs, along with a range of sizes of split shot and small hooks.

Jigs have a myriad of shapes, colors, and speciesand are far too many to list. If possible, the best policy is to ask or research fishing videos or other material about your destination.


Hydrographic or fishing maps for your Crappie waters are useful and especially if you are not able to use a fish-finder.

It is always wise to keep any kind of survival kit in your tackle box. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but waterproof matches, a small flashlight and first aid kit may come in handy at some stage of any fishing adventure.For those who like Crappie meals, remember a scale knife.