Catfish fishing Gear (First Timers Essentials)

27/07/2011 09:32


Have you considered a nice leisurely day fishing, but don’t know what tackle you’ll need? Are you thinking about catfish fishing? Well here is some fishing tackle tips that will get you started.


Fist, you’ll need a fairly heavy duty fishing rod and reel. Go with a brand name like Zebco that has a packaged rod and reel together. Buy the combination that has #10 test line or #12 test line. That will give you the strength you need for a catfish.


Next, you’ll need some fishing hooks. Eagle claw make a good hook that comes in all fishing hook sizes. You’ll need to get a #4 or #2 fish hook size. Consider buying one package of each.


Then you’ll need some lead weights. They come in all sizes and shapes. Look for a ½ oz flat weight. That will put it right on the bottom where the catfish are.


Bait will be your next consideration. Catfish like stinky smelly baits. There is a product called Stink Bait which works well. You could also use chunks of beef or chicken liver.


When you rig up your fishing line, tie your weight on the end of the line. Then move up about a foot and tie on your fish hook. Next put enough bait to completely hide the fish hook. Some people like to use a bobber to show when they get a bite. It seems that when a catfish bites the rod bends s and shakes enough that a bobber isn’t necessary.


If you have problems, someone fishing with you may help, just ask. If you are really unsure, you should try watching a fishing video about catfish fishing before you go.


Catfish are found in most rivers and lakes that aren’t in the mountains. It is best for beginners to fish in lakes until they get the hang of it.


While you’re waiting for that first bite, try playing some online fishing games. It’s a fun way to pass the time.