Catching that Largemouth Bass

16/04/2012 09:31


With the weather comes the desire to get out on the water and go bass fishing. There is nothing better than to be out on your boat fishing for a monster bass. Here are a few tips that will make your adventure successful. If you’re interested in reading more about fishing for other species, click here.


Bass love to hide out in weed beds waiting for bait fish to cruse by. One great way to fish these areas is to use a shiner for bait; the bigger the bait, the bigger the bass that will try to eat it. Using a 4/0 or 5/0 worm hook works well to hook the shiner through the mouth and out between the eyes, but a little closer to the mouth. This lets the shiner swim like a wounded fish. If you’re fishing in four to six feet of water, hook a float bobber about 2 feet above the shiner. The weight of the bait and the bobber will allow a good cast without using a sinker. Cast your line out into the weeds and let it settle in. Then slowly reel ½ a crank and pause a couple of seconds. Then reel in ¼ of a crank and pause. Alternating the amount of the crank will help attract the bass.


If your local fishing regulations permit using two or three rods then you can employ another strategy. Bait the other rods with shiners on 4/0 to 5/0 worm hooks but don’t use a float. Cast these out off the right and left side of the boat while you fish off the font. These free swinging baits will help cover more areas and attract more bass. If you’re interested in reading more about different fish hooks, click here. These tips should help you improve your bass catching skills. Click here if you want to read more.