Best US Great Lake Fishing Spots

25/07/2011 09:24

Most people are creatures of habit; they go to the same two or three fishing lakes time after time. However, our country is filled with wonderful lakes located in beautiful regions. Here are a few great lakes you should try out.


Located in south-west Wyoming and north-east Utah is Flaming Gorge reservoir. As western reservoirs go, this one is big. It is located on the Green River and offers some of the best fishing in the west.


If you like to fish from the shore, there are miles of accessible shoreline. If you like fishing from boats, there are good docks to put in your own boat and several places to rent boats. The friendly lake side fishing shops offer lots of free fishing tackle tips. This reservoir has some monster fish so it’s important to use proper fishhook size.


In south Missouri, near Branson, is Table Rock Lake. Table Rock is a fairly large lake with lots of fingers branching out. These fingers make for some amazing Bass fishing. There are several places where you can rent boats and get fishing tackle tips. In the summer, the water is usually very warm. If you are tired or too hot you can go for a swim to cool off or if you have your smart phone you can play some online fishing games.


On the western edge of Kentucky, on the Tennessee River, is Kentucky Lake. This lake is huge and extends into Tennessee. It has many small fingers branching off that are shallow and full of good cover for Bass and shade for Crappie. It is a wonderful lake to fish.


Just a few miles to the east of Kentucky is Barkley Lake on the Cumberland River. These two lakes connect which open up miles of amazing water.


Between these two lakes is an area appropriately named Land Between the Lakes.

This recreation area has camping, boat rentals, and fishing tackle shops that can give you tons of fishing tackle tips. There are several fishing contest’s each year based on this recreation area.


These are just a few of the many lakes you should try. Break the habit, try new water.