Best Rigs for Deep Sea Fishing in spring

22/03/2012 08:16

Some of the best fishing is springtime deep sea fishing. This is when the big fish are beginning to get active because the water is getting warmer. Here are few of the best rigs to troll for big fish.

One of the best rigs to troll with is a soft plastic squid.  Squid is a favorite food of most large fish so they will key in on the shape as its being trolled. The key with trolling soft plastic squid baits it to troll at speed that will imitate the speed that squid swim. In calm seas this is between 6 and 9 knots.

Another great rig is hard plastic tuna imitation bait. Large fish love to eat tuna and the bigger the bait the larger the fish that will try to eat it. A 14 inch hard plastic bait with a 12/0 fish hooks are just perfect. It is also advisable to use a good strong leader. A 12 foot leader of 500lb monofilament line will do the job. The shock and abrasion will be absorbed by the leader without damaging the main line.

The umbrella rig is another great rig to use in the springtime. The umbrella lure is designed to simulate a school of bait fish. Some use hook less blades that look like the flash of a fish, but others use full-fledged hard plastic swim baits. Umbrella rigs come in many styles from a simple 4 prong rig to a complex 12 prong rigs. Imagine how a 12 prong rig would look with each prong holding a 14 inch tuna lure. It is almost impossible for a large game fish to pass up a school of 12 fish. It is a perfect rig to use on a Florida fishing trip.