Best Places to Look For Crappie

29/07/2010 07:56

While there are many crappie fishing tips, the first bit of knowledge you will need to know is where exactly to look for these fish. Even anglers who have been fishing for years admit they don’t always know where to look, so here are some basic guidelines to adhere to when looking for great crappie fishing locations.

At particular parts of the year, crappie will be easily found in the deeper spots of the water. However, one of the best places to find them are when they haven’t headed for these deeper parts due to warmer temperatures of the summer. It is then when you will want to set your sights on the logs, weed beds, lily pads and rivers and other parts of the area where they might prefer to hide in the day time.

These are the spots that fishermen should always aim to fish when in search of crappie. Having the ability to locate prime hideouts as well as slowly positioning oneself for the cast without disturbing the fish are necessary skills when fishing. Since crappie tend to be most active in the autumn and spring, a fast moving jig, bob with a minnow or a cork will suit the angler quite well.

In the summer months, fishermen will want to try searching for crappie in the shadier areas that are closest to deeper waters, so remember to pick the right fishing gear. Try checking underneath bridges and docks in these times as you will have a good start there. You will also have more activity beginning at dusk and ending at dawn in the summer as crappie love to eat once it is dark outside.

You will most likely easily find crappie in creeks and rivers with snags and sunken trees around the banks. You might also be lucky enough to hook a trout of bass in these parts as well. Even if crappie don’t seem to be out and about, you will very likely catch something in these areas of the water.

When you are looking in lakes for catching crappie, they often spend most of their time away from shore, so you will want to cast your line from a boat as opposed to shore fishing. Since many crappie hunt at night, you will especially find a great deal of fish the few days before a full moon. While crappie fishing and location scouting will definitely take some time and practice, the fish are out there and it’s only a matter of time until you are reeling them in.