Best Fly Rods

29/06/2011 09:28

One of the most popular questions asked at the annual ICAST fishing show, is which manufacturer makes the best fly fishing rods? Each year thousands upon thousands of people in search of a new but cost effective hobby take up fishing. However, only hundreds of those fly anglers ever find the right fly fishing gear for them. Here is a look at some of the best fly rods the industry has to offer.


Sage Fly Rods – Used by fishing enthusiasts who enter into tournaments for a living, the Sage Fly Rod ranges in price from $225 to $680 depending on the model. Since being created in 1980, the Sage Fly Rod has been used for 75 of the world’s best fishing expeditions. Recommended User: Elite Fishing Tournament Participant


G Loomis Fly Rods – Another big name manufacturer of fly rods is G Loomis. Fly anglers have reported to us in the past, that they have spent anywhere from $225 to $1170 on a G Loomis Rod.  For the most part, the price of the rod depends on where you plan to fish. An example of this would be if you wanted to fish at your local saltwater creek, you would spend $225 on a G Loomis Fly Rod. At the same time, if you went on vacation up to Alaska to fish for Steelhead on the ocean, you would have to spend roughly $700 to $1170 on a rod. Recommended User: Experienced Fly Fisher


Redington Fly Rods – For the cost efficient fly angler, the Redington Fly Rod brand is for you. Founded in 1992, Redington Fly Rods range from $80 - $385 maximum. Meaning to say, if you are trying out fly angling for the first time, the Redington Fly Rod is a brand that you should consider starting off with. Recommended User: Casual or first time Fly Angler