Best East Coast US Fishing Spots

19/09/2011 10:15

The Atlantic coast from the warm water of the south to the cool water of the north offers many different species of fish and beautiful settings. Up and down the coast, the scenery and species change but the excellent fishing remains consistent. Here are few of the best fishing spots and the species found there.

At the far south end of Florida is the little island of Key West. The harbor there has plenty of boats and guides for hire. The water in this area is as warm and beautiful and the fishing is spectacular.

There are many species in these waters including Sailfish, Tarpin, Bonefish, Red Snapper, Yellow Fin Tuna, and Wahoo. These waters also offer the opportunity for different styles of fishing and several fishing contests.

It is a short boat ride to find Tarpin and Bonefish that can be caught on a fly rod. Fishing along the beautiful sandy beaches will also produce nice fish. The deep sea fishing in this area is wonderful for Red Snapper and Wahoo.

The Wahoo is an exciting fish to catch. They are like a Sailfish only without the spike. When they are hooked they run hard and fast. They also jump high. They’ve been known to jump 10 feet out of the water and splash hard upon reentry.

Along the coast of South Carolina is Charleston which is known for many things including excellent fishing. There are plenty of boats and guides for hire. The waters are full of fish including Tarpin, Sailfish, Black Sea Bass, and common Whiting. These fish provide the perfect opportunity to try out the new equipment from this year’s Icast show.

While trolling along these beautiful waters waiting for a strike, you can play online fishing games, specially shark fishing gamesbecause this is where you may actually catch a shark.