Best East Coast US Fishing Spots

02/09/2011 09:01

All along the East Coast of North America the fishing is wonderful. From New Finland to Mexico, fishing for Atlantic Salmon to Tarpin, the fishing is fun and the locations are fabulous.


Beginning at St. Johns, New Finland and heading north to the village of Middle Cove, you can find a boat to take you out fishing. Off of this beautiful coast there is some wonderful fishing for some wonderful halibut and salmon


The question regarding “when do Salmon run” has a variety of answers. Generally it is late fall or early winter, but that is just a range of time. Each fish seems to have its own time table.


Atlantic salmon is more closely related to the brown trout that to the Pacific salmon. They weight about 10-12 pounds, are about 30 inches long, and are hard fighting fish.


Down the coast to Nova Scotia, just a little south of Halifax, is the fishing village of Chester. There you can hire a boat to go out and fish for Atlantic Salmon, Pollock, and Cod. The setting is simply spectacular.


Pollock are member of the Cod family. They are usually about 8-10 pounds and about 30 inches long.


A little further down the coast is Bar Harbor Maine. Bar Harbor is a beautiful quaint fishing town. The waters off of the coast here are reefs with a variety of species. Fishing for Mackerel, Cod, and Flounder are among the favorites in these waters.


The Flounder, also known as Plaice, is similar to a Halibut but much smaller. Flounder are only about three feet long and weigh about 12 pounds.


During the slow fishing times, while you troll along enjoying the beautiful sea, playing online fishing games helps to pass the time. There are many free online fish games to choose from so they never get boring.