Best Canadian Great Lake Fishing Towns

08/08/2011 13:54

 Canada is a beautiful country that has thousands of amazing lakes. The first class fishing in these lakes is world famous. In Ontario alone there are so many lakes with such phenomenal fishing that it would take a lifetime to experience all of it.


Colchester is located on Lake Erie just north of the United States border. This part of Lake Erie from Colchester to Pelee Island to Pelee point, offers some amazing fishing.


The harbor at Colchester has everything you need from access for private boats to boat rental, to guide service, to internet access to play online fishing games to fishing maps.


Lake Erie has lots of different species of fish. There are Walleye, Perch, Bass, and Rainbow Trout, Pike, and Garpike. They are also noted for having large Walleyes.


If you are considering fishing contest, there is the annual Walleye derby. It is a very popular contest with good prize money.


Eagle Lake is another great lake. It is over 90 miles long and loaded with many species of fish. Eagle lake generates lots of trophy sized Muskie, Bass, Walleye, Northern Pike, and Lake Trout.


The lake has many fingers and coves that make for enjoyable private fishing. It is also surrounded by many smaller lakes that are an easy portage.


Just north of Eagle Lake is Clay Lake. Clay Lake hosts small mouth Bass as well as Pike, Muskie, and Walleye. The lake, which is 28 miles long, has been known to yield 10 pound Lake Trout.


A little farther out is Canyon Lake. Canyon Lake offers very diverse fishing conditions. The lake is 19 miles long. It is three miles across at its widest point and 100 yards at it narrowest. There are many sheltered bays and coves. There are also deep ledges and weed beds to provide excellent cover and exciting fishing.


Canyon Lake is home to a multitude of species. Among them are White fish, Perch, Walleye, and small mouth Bass. The lake is noted for producing Walleyes over 10 pounds.