Best Canadian Fishing Spots

17/10/2011 15:10


Canada is an amazing country full of lakes and rivers. Over all it provides some of the best fishing in the world as well as some beautiful scenery. There are so many wonderful places to fish it is hard to determine the best location, but here are a few great suggestions.


Last Mountain Lake in Saskatchewan is a great lake to fish and boat. It is a long thin lake located just north of Regina. The outlet of Lost Mountains flows down and empties to the Qu’Appelle River. The Qu'Appelle flows across much of Saskatchewan and provides great fishing. One of its tributaries is the Moose Jaw River. At the head waters of Moose Jaw River are four small lakes. Each of these lakes, as well as connecting stretches of river, provides some amazing trout fishing.


Lake Winnipeg, in southern Manitoba, is a shallow lake. On the southern end of the lake are the small towns of Grand Beach, and Manicouagan. They are wonderful resorts to stay in while fishing. Lake Winnipeg is amazing fishing for Northern Pike, Sauger, and Walleye. Banff National Park in Alberta is home to many lakes and streams. This entire region is absolutely amazing. The fishing here for trout is awesome. The scenery is some of the most beautiful in the world.


Banff National Park offers almost every style of fishing. No matter if you enjoy fly fishing, lure fishing, or trolling from a boat, or even peacefully fishing from a kayak, Banff offers it. If you watch some other kayak fishing video as well as a fishing video of the area you will schedule your trip tomorrow.


After a good day of fishing in these beautiful areas take time to relax and enjoy playing some online fishing games.