Bass Lures for Every Angler

12/05/2011 09:35

 If you are considering adding bass fishing to your list of hobbies, you may be excited yet you may also have no idea how to begin choosing the right kind of fishing lures. Here is a short list of all of the bass fishing essentials you should be working with:

·         Tail Spinners: If it seems as if the bass are lingering a bit deep beneath the waves, you will want to break out your tail spinners in order to entice them out of their haunts. These lures work particularly well in colder waters when the bass are not very motivated to travel.

·         Plastic Worms: These are the lures that, time after time have been credited with consistently catching a significant amount of bass. Use these lures just about anywhere from the bottom of your lake all the way on up to the water’s surface.

·         Crankbaits: Crankbaits tend to look to a bass as if it were a small baitfish such as a minnow or a crawfish. This drives them crazy and they have to investigate. Purchase crankbaits in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

·         Spinnerbaits: These lures are also known for their ability to produce a number of bass, particularly if you are looking to cover a decent amount of water in as little time as possible. If you are looking to catch the larger sized bass, spinnerbaits are the lures for you. When selecting colors with this lure, try to match your colors to the insects and natural prey of the surrounding environment on the lake you are fishing is like.

·         Bucktails: Bucktail jigs are simple lures that are very productive when bass fishing. There are varying designs to these lures as some come with tails that are either straight or curly. These lures can be used rather well in nearly any fishing conditions.

·         Topwater Plugs: Use these lures on top of the water. Like many other Icast lures, topwater plugs come in many different colors and sizes to choose from. They are also extremely versatile lures that can be utilized in a number of different ways.

·         Jig and Pig: Jig and pigs are the lures you will want to turn to if it seems you have been fishing a while and aren’t getting any interest from the fish. In fact, many anglers have won bass fishing tournaments with these very lures as they tend to attract the larger bass as well. Use this lure on the bottom of the water so that it appears to the bass like a crawfish.